Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Fear.....on Halloween in Puerto Rico

Last evening's radio program on WKVM Con tu salud en mente was precious. While three experiences psychiatrists dwelled on the intellectual and professional aspects of fear, phobias, Little Hans case, treatment by desensitization and medications, an 8 year old girl wearing typical and colorful costume to represent the hippies, discussed Peace.

She also talked about fears of civil war in Puerto Rico and about her inability to understand why we kill iraqui soldiers that were doing their duty as soldiers.

She also denied that people wearing masks and costumes in Halloween mean to reduce their own fears of ghosts and monsters.

Thanks to Cecile for visiting us at the radio station. She was bright and spontaneus.

Thanks too to Dr. Neftali Olmo and Dr. Maricel Rios for their excellent and precise development of the topic of fear and the phobias in our weekly radio program.

Puerto Rico Psychiatric Society