Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tercer informe desde la Convencion de Psiquiatria de Puerto Rico 2005

12 noviembre 2005.

Do you understand the basal ganglia’s effecon on human behavior. Ask Michele Woodbury. He knows all about it and he told us about it this morning. And do you know when was the last puertorican person subjected to the death penalty in Puerto Rico. Ask a Canadian, Dr. Abraham Halpern, who research not only the history of capital punishment in Puerto Rico but the history of the island. Aside from missing to show some morbid pictures of gurneys or other death penalty apparatus, he delivered a marvelous speech whose may thrust was to show how medical ethics, sometimes ignored by physicians, can lead them to support life, instead of death, and to better legal decisions on this issue both in and outside the island This is a complex topic that he explained easily and orderly. You may have missed his lecture. Shame on you!

Dr. Ricardo Vela told us, in his return to Puerto Rico from Boston that not only suicide among adolescents require better follow up but that also an uneasy rate of parasuicidal behavior among them after treatment, be it antidepressants or psychotherapy require such follow up.

An emotional afternoon with the Fumero’s a large professional family founded by Dr. Jose Roberto Fumero Vidal listened as dozens of psychiatrist remembered and honored him through Dr. Domingo Cordero’s semblanza, Dr. Olmo’s and Dr. Galarza’s short but intense speeches. …The Eugenio Maria de Hostos Award by the Puerto Rico Psychiatric Society – the district branch of the APA – completed our show of love for the man.

At 3PM Dr. Galarza discussed quality issues associated to treatment of alcoholism.
At the end of the scientific meeting today, UPR residents presented to research papers of note.

Close to dinner, we had the business meeting of the Academy of Puerto Rico, where present officers, previous officers, founders met to discuss aspects of the treasury.
At the end Dr. Mella came in to discuss on a positive note, how we can become part of the Latinoamerican Psychiatric Association.

Rey Cruz orchestra was magnificent.

Nestor J Galarza