Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Early Thanksgiving before Veterans Day

My early Thanksgiving prior to Veterans Day.

In the near culmination of a life dedicated to mental health care these are things to be thankful for.
these I have had the privilege of discussing recently with several fellow physicians.
had the blessing of celebrating 34 years of work for Veterans
and 44 year of marriage to a caring wife and mother of four adult children and been blessed with six grandchildren

A career dedicated to advocate for, treat and at times only comfort Veterans.

have also seen living proof that people with mental disorders can recover and even become outstanding employees

After a period effective efforts at deinstitutionalization in the 80s and 90s, I have witness the benefits and the risks of applying the Puerto Rico Mental Health Law in the VA system which includes a return of the cycle for hospitalizations against the patient’s will.

Five, the receipt since May 2015 of appreciation awards from fellow psychiatrists for my contribution to the community, from the Mental Health Consumer Council for supporting them and a grand prize from the VA administration for fostering business integrity at the workplace.

the support of many friends and family members
All reasons to be thankful in November 2015.