Friday, September 21, 2007

Young leader in Psychiatry

This is Dr. Lelis Nazario's welcome message in the webpage of the Medical Sciences Campus. She is describing the Department of Psychiatry that she chairs.

Our Department is devoted to encourage, initiate and promote a wide array of outstanding and innovative activities relevant to the areas of education and training, research, clinical and community service. We are committed to the continuous quest for knowledge required to achieve excellence in teaching and practice and necessary to face successfully the challenges of preparing exceptional future physicians. Ultimately, we hope our efforts translate into a contribution to the enhancement of the well being of our community through delivery of high quality preventive and clinical care.

We are very enthusiastic and proud of our two highly qualified ACGME accredited residency programs in both general, and child and adolescent psychiatry. Experience from more than half a century of existence and the support from a solid institution bring in great stability and distinction to our programs. Our faculty is composed of highly qualified and scholarly driven academicians with vast experience and expertise in the field, who are extremely invested in guiding our students and residents through their professional growth and development. The atmosphere created is one of collegiality and familiarity intended to encourage individuality, creativity, flexibility and progress.

We are very pleased with your interest in this page


Lelis L. Nazario, MD