Sunday, September 17, 2006


Dr. Joseph Rubin is preparing his conference on organizational psychiatry for the November 2006 Puerto Rico Psychiatry Meeting, a yearly activity organized by the Academy of Psychiatry, the Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, the Psychiatry Section of the PR Medical Association and the APA in Puerto Rico.

In the meantime, last 2 September the local chapter of the American Psychiatric Association sponsored a one day simposium on Alternatives to the Mental Health System in the island at the Condado Plaza. Dr. Pedro Ruiz, President of the APA gave his take on the system after listening to the speakers.

On 9 September the Graduates from the PR Institute of Psychiatry held its fourth annual meeting. Happy am I to recognize their affectionate dedication of that educational activity to my professional endeavor the last 30 years.

Last Saturday 16 September the newly formed pro APAL group Puerto Rican Psychiatric Society held its first continuing education program at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

These were all successful activities if we measure success by the quality of the program and the number of attendees.

It is a honor to every psychiatrist to collaborate in various ways in these important psychiatric organizations.