Sunday, December 12, 2004

Effect of election results or unresults

I think it is a significan stressor for voters to have no closure once general elections are over. In Puerto Rico this is happening at this date and hour. Since November 2 we have been waiting to know who won, who lost and then how to adjust to that reality. The fact the results of the general elections are constested in the Judicial System does not allow closure. It is probably for the benefit of the few and the harm of many to continue with this politico-legal impasse.
We all need leaders we can trust and on whose shoulders we put our needs, financial, sometimes spritual and psychologic. We do not have that now, as we expected.

I cannot speak for the entire community, but as a psychiatrist for over 30 years I know how each of us seeks a sense of peace and emotional security for ourselves, our families and our friends. We stil do not have that.

The risks of this unstable situation is further frustration for individuals which may lead to further violence in the streets ....and in the homes.