Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the thread

From one visit to the next
By Nestor J Galarza Diaz, MD, DLFAPA

What do we talk about? After more than 30 years in the practice of psychotherapy I still have questions about my own practice. Do I follow guidelines by Dr. X, MD or by Dr. Y, PhD? Do I think of myself as a prescriber and promote patients to tell me their symptoms at every session for months to years to come? Do I tell my patients about my problems? Do I talk about politics or my religious beliefs? Would that be unethical or are ethics a thing of the past?

How not to be mechanical but dynamic?I have realized that key topics I discuss with my patients in individual or group therapy are more important for them that it is to document them. I have realized that whatever the topic of each session it helps the most when I follow a thread from session to session. Some common threads are health of their children and grandchildren, efforts to recover from frustrating experiences, satisfaction with relationships, life goals as they change in their lifetime….

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