Friday, August 14, 2009

on competion and collaboration

Torn between competing and collaborating?

One of my most cherished experiences the last 32 years in the practice of Psychiatry is the ability to collaborate with peers and other mental health workers. Workers is a better description for us, than providers. Yet when competing with younger, less experienced and very competent psychiatrists it is wiser to recognize some degree of mentoring than to stop collaborating.

It is always good to be told that the outcome of competition for an executive position should be left to the will of God. But there are other less perfect wills, including mine and that of decision-makers that lead to the outcome. I am pleased to tell my friends, my peers and my patients that I am still a learner, a student and that experience is good to remain a student of human behavior, including mine. Maslow was not a peer psychiatrist but some of his thinking on human needs has become mine.