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Agente de cambio; terapeuta, psicoanalista, educador

In honor of

Michael A Woodbury, MD senior, 1924-2007
Premio Eugenio Maria de Hostos de la Puerto Rico Psychiatric Society durante la Convencion de Psiquiatria 2006

y en honor de Margarita Farina Lajara de Woodbury, born 1929, Santurce, PR, died Mar 1998

Muere famoso psicoanalista puertorriqueño

El Dr.. Michael A Woodbury, MD, Sr., psicoanalista y profesor del Instituto de Psiquiatría de Puerto Rico fue el cuarto presidente del Capitulo de la Asociación Psiquiatrica Americana en Puerto Rico en el 1977. Los Woodburys tienen varios psicólogos y psiquiatras en su familia. Margarita Fariña, su esposa, fue trabajadora social que estudio medicina y psiquiatría tras educar a tres hijos psiquiatras y un psicólogo. Ella murió en el 1998. El Dr. Woodbury fue terapeuta de familia, amigo y mentor de muchos médicos en Puerto Rico y en otros países. Escribió artículos y libros como puedes leer en Los temas que lo entusiasmaban comprendían desde las teorías de relaciones objétales en los grupos interdisciplinarios hasta la necesidad de los psiquiatras a irse a la calle a dar servicios de salud mental a los pobres

Obras e ideas

(1969). Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association. XIV, 1966: Altered Body-Ego Experiences. A Contribution to the Study of Regression, Perception, and Early Development. Michael A. Woodbury. Pp. 273-303.. Psychoanal Q., 38:335.
Psychoanalytic Quarterly (1969). Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 38:335

Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association. XIV, 1966: Altered Body-Ego Experiences. A Contribution to the Study of Regression, Perception, and Early Development. Michael A. Woodbury. Pp. 273-303.

A case of sexual perversion is presented to illustrate the dynamics of altered body ego experiences. The altered body ego experiences are considered to be a 'continuum of regression' with accompanying somatic and visceral phenomena. The tongue is considered as an organizer of the visceral body ego and functions as an Anlage for many ego and superego functions. The eyes and hands function as organizers in a similar manner. The author offers the hypothesis that perceptual organizers are formed by body ego nuclei which, in turn, are further influenced by the motor organizers, eyes, hands, and tongue in the final elaboration of whole object and self-representations. (1969). Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association. XIV, 1966. Psychoanal Q., 38:335

International Journal of Psychoanalysis. XLVIII, 1967: Object Relations in the Psychiatric Hospital. Michael A. Woodbury. Pp. 83-87.. Psychoanal Q., 38:158. Psychoanalytic Quarterly (1969). Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 38:158

As a ward administrator the author noticed the regularity with which schizophrenic patients brought a pair of doctors or other personnel to disagreement through splitting them into a purely good and purely bad object. The mothers of these patients were prone to do the same, and a history could regularly be traced of the mother's encouraging pure love for herself from the patient while projecting their mutual hatred onto a third object such as the father. In treatment it was concluded that the patient must project these split feelings on at least two persons who, if they pass the test and refuse to be split from one another, start a healing process eventually internalized and followed by healing of object and self-representation.

Am J Psychiatry 126:619-625, November 1969
doi: 10.1176/appi.ajp.126.5.619
© 1969 American Psychiatric Association
Community-Centered Psychiatric Intervention: A Pilot Project in the 13th Arrondissement, Paris

1 Director of community services, the Psychiatric Institute of Washington, D. C.

The authors describe a system of intensive psychiatric services they developed to deal with the emergencies and difficult cases in a catchment area of 200,000 people in a low socioeconomic section of Paris. Mobile emergency and visiting teams including "indigenous" homemakers focus their intervention on the family of the designated patient in its home setting. The dynamics and techniques of home visiting are outlined as well as the process of "metabolism of anxiety" in the team that enables it to function as a therapeutic small group in its encounter with patients, families, and social networks.

Woodbury et al. Ment Hosp.1965; 16: 145-150

QUESTOR: ?Hacia donde vas Puerto Rico?
A study conducted by a commission appointed by the Governor of Puerto Rico in 1976, headed by psychiatrist Dr. Michael Woodbury, concluded that mental ...

Amazon books:
Patterns of therapeutic communities =: Modelos de comunidades terapéuticas (Monografía / Comisión de Salud Mental de Puerto Rico) (Unknown Binding)
by Michael A Woodbury (Author)

Woodbury, Dr. Michael A. The Quality of Life in Vieques: A
Comparative Analysis of the Quality of Life in Vieques, Puerto Rico,
the U.S.Virgin Islands and the United States. San Juan, 1980

Woodbury, M.A. (1967). Object Relations in the Psychiatric Hospital. Int. J. Psycho-Anal., 48:83-86. (1967). International Journal of Psycho-Analysis, 48:83-86

Object Relations in the Psychiatric Hospital
Michael A. Woodbury

I have described elsewhere (1964) the seven-year study of a psychiatric ward conducted at Chestnut Lodge. In summary, a total of fifty psychotic female patients, mostly schizophrenic with similar types and degree of illness, were treated and studied in great detail over a seven-year period during which all of them were in individual psycho-analytically oriented psychotherapy and under my administration. The observations on the interactions between all the members of this community (staff, patients and their families) were then analysed retrospectively in order to detect any repetitive patterns with more generalized theoretical implications.

The history of this ward clearly divided itself into three eras, each with its own distinctive philosophy of treatment on the part of the staff, and different prevalent symptoms on the part of the patients:

We found a correlation between a milieu emphasizing limit-setting through the threat of exclusion or abandonment and the preponderance

An interview with Judith Bunney
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She trained with Marian Chace in the 1950's and 60's at Chestnut Lodge .... very strong association with Dr. Michael Woodbury who was the administrator..... - Páginas similares

The Ward’s Communication CHARTING Network
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by the Chestnut. Lodge. Research. Institute. and. by a grant. from. the. Ford. Foundation. -MICHAEL. A. WOODBURY,. M.D.. Chestnut. Lodge. Research ...