Thursday, May 4, 2006

You call that stress?

I was given the opportunity to speak on a TV program on behalf of a fellow psychiatrist who had to be in a medicolegal case as an expert at the time the program was to be aired. So I went there in the middle of a fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico on 3 May 2006.
I was slightly late to get to the TV station to video tape the program. On arrival at the parking lot I found repairmen where working on the entrance to the lot. I was asked to wait until they fixed it. So I waited for 5 minutes. It began to rain. I parked and ran to the building. Had left my umbrella a the office.

Once in I heard a conversation among TV station employees that somebody had just arrived from the emergency room where they doctors took X rays and injected the person with anti tetanus toxoid. He had had an accident, where a large lamp had fallen on his head in the morning. Also heard comments about a large number of employees being laid off days before after some occupational problem.

the host of the TV program asked who I was, since they were waiting for my psychiatrist friend to show up for the program. He welcomed me fine. Then he said he was sorry the air conditioner was not working and also sorry that the lady who fixes you up to appear on TV had to leave to take care of some personal emergency.

The program host asked me what I was going to talk about. I said: "I will talk about how to manage stress! And I did.