Monday, May 8, 2006

research by psychiatric residents at UPR

This is positive news I found in the internet today. Psychiatric residents presented their research as part of their training at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine and Department of Psychiatry:

Marital Satisfaction of Resident Physicians
at the University of Puerto Rico
Presenters: Vivianne R. Aponte, M.D., Glory Ann
Franco, M.D., MarĂ­a C. Vicente, M.D., Vilma T.
McCarthy, M.D.

The objectives of this poster are to:
1. Describe the
marital satisfaction of resident physicians at the
University of Puerto Rico
2. Determine if there is
any difference in marital satisfaction between
surgical and non-surgical residencies as well as
between gender
3. Create greater awareness about the
importance of marital satisfaction in the lives of
resident physicians.
4. Promote the development of resources to detect
and assist residents who encounter marital problems
5. Provide an example of how research findings can
be used to promote resident's well being, which can
eventually result in improved patient care.

Studies about martial satisfaction of physician
marriages suggest that the demands of this profession
affect family and couple relationships. Physician
marriages have been described in the literature as
chronically unsatisfactory but stable. Physicians who
report higher levels of marital satisfaction also report
higher levels of family competence, work satisfaction
and fewer psychiatric symptoms. By obtaining
information on the degree of satisfaction in residents’
marriages, we could improve their overall
performance in all six core competencies by
envisioning resources that could help them improve
their marital satisfaction.