Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Our latest radio programs

Electroshock or elecro-convulsive therapy?

Drs Diana Diaz and Jessica Torres expounded their individual experiences during their professional lives with patients who were so deeply distressed and in danger of death due to mental illness, resistant to other common treatment modalities, that they were treated successfully with uncommonly unpopular electrocardiogram therapy.

We discussed the social reaction to movies like the 1975 One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, in its portrayal of a disgusting electroshock treatment of a now well known Oscar wielding actor. But we also discussed the science and humanity in the new methods of providing electroconvulsive therapy that saves lives in Puerto Rico.

Four hospital settings provide this life-saving treatment. The San Juan Veterans Affairs Center is the latest health institution providing this care.

The Puerto Rico Psychiatric Society thanks our members, Dr. Diaz and Dr. Torres for their successful and educational participation in our weekly program.

Music, emotions and behavior
Francisco Guzman Yunque, child psychiatrist, composer and piano player: a child's brain is a marvelous thing. It receives sound vibrations we call music, recognizes it and transforms it in the limbic system into emotions that lead to behaviors. Some of the music children hear are associated to video games and movies where "morals are inverted", where evil wins over Good, heroes are delinquents and assassins.

Psychiatrists should deliver clear statements to warn parents and other caregivers about unwanted behaviors in children that arise from the music we all expose them to hear.

Also: music can be used a therapy for anxiety and other emotional upheavals. In the psychiatrists offices, in other therapy sessions. Music can be used as an enhancer of individual or family therapy.

These are a few of the ideas we discussed last evening at the Puerto Rico Psychiatric Society's weekly radio program.

Wait for our upcoming topic this Monday. It promises you will have a great learning experience.