Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Exito........Success on the air waves

They were tense and hesitant, sitting at the table crammed with microphones. Soon the jingle started and the lady announced "the best radio program to orient the public on health matters".

The moderator grabbed intensely to memories of a similar radio program in 1998. He wished to pronounce the final s on words ...something he forgets to do in daily life and that is partly learned in this Hispanic culture in Puerto Rico.

Brenda and Jorge were in good spirits, having made it from the East and the West without getting lost on the way to the radio station that evening.

I was amazed how smoothly the conversation went. It was amazing how an support for each other's opinions on psychiatric matters flowed.

On hour later we enjoyed a feeling of victory. We had paid a visit to millions of dinner tables, family rooms and porches...even the front seats of cars of people who drove for long in the jam to get home in the late evening.

That was our first radio program on September 19, 2005. Next program we will have to talk to the average citizen and avoid medical jargon.

Feedback from listeners: all positive... this is hour honeymoon for now. So listen to WKVM 810 AM radio every Monday at 7:30PM.

We'll be listening too......that's what we do best. You may call us airheads now.