Friday, January 21, 2005

things are happening here........and way up there.

As I sit to write about something that may be memorable (that is, that can be remembered) I have to mention the apathy among many in Puerto Rico who should have led in mental health care and who are not doing it.
I hope I can lead again as president of the Puerto Rico Psychiatric Society. elections will occur within three weeks. That is my calculation.

In the mean time I have sent some perking up messages by way of e mail but also found that some people who used to listen to them have either changed them or quit using e mail.

Am using the PRPS website to communicate.

A longer look out, leads to me wonders of space: we are on Mars ,and not on Titan, a Saturn moon. The ESA, European Space Agency has a marvelous website you should look up.

Enough for now.